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NAGRAT has over 31,000 registered members accross the country. We are the most progressive teacher union in Ghana today.

The membership of NAGRAT is open to all graduate teachers serving in the Ghana Education Service. Membership is voluntary in line with Sections 21 (e) and 24 (3) of the 1992 Republican Constitution of Ghana and Sections 79 (1) and 80 (1) of Ghana’s Labour Act (Act 651), 2003. A teacher becomes a member of NAGRAT, only after the completion of the appropriate membership registration form issued by the Association and by abiding by the Constitution governing it. The registered membership stands at 31,000 as at December 2016.

Nagrat Membership Benefits

  • NAGRAT initiates programmes to improve the professional status of the graduates in the G.E.S.
  • NAGRAT assists in addressing peculiar problems and circumstances of graduate in the G.E.S.
  • NAGRAT Negotiates on behalf of its members.
  • NAGRAT provides a long-term fund to meet the retirement needs of current and future members.
  • NAGRAT provides a hire purchase package for members to acquire household consumer durables and electronic appliances at competitive price.
  • NAGRAT provides a NAGRAT Fund Loan to its members.
  • NAGRAT provides cars under the Auto Loan Scheme. These cars are comprehensively insured for members and renewed each year on their behalf.

Who can be a member?
  • Graduates currently serving in the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) can be members.
  • Graduates “means a holder of at least a diploma certificate from a recognised institution.

Scheme Information

    The NAGRAT Death Benefit is a one-time payment made to a beneficiary or next of Kin when a NAGRAT member dies. It is also called a survivor benefit.

    Application Procedure:

    • Next of Kin are encouraged to apply immediately a member passes away, but when application is held after six (6) months the benefits would not be given.
    • Download the Retirement/death benefit from from here or pick up from the nearest Regional Secretariat.
    • Fill the forms carefully and return it to the Regional Secretariat.
    • Attach a death certificate to death benefit (required for benefit payment).

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