Mr. Chairman, My Lord the Metropolitan Archbishop  of the Accra Arch Diocese of the Catholic Church, Niime, Naame, the President, National Officers, Past and Present, National Executive Committee, National Council, Other  Officers of NAGRAT, Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, Invited Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am exceedingly glad to be part of this event.

Information available to me indicate that, since the inception of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) in 1996, the Association has been a major stakeholder in education delivery in Ghana and has contributed positively to education discourse over the years. From 2000 to 2008, the Government of Ghana under the New Patriotic Party leadership had extensively collaborated and co-operated with NAGRAT in matters related to education in the Country. Yes, we have had our ups and downs but we can summarise the   relationship between government and the Association then, as warm, collegial and complementary. Today, I am happy that we have the opportunity to carry this relationship to a higher level and I urge all and sundry to cease the opportunity.

Governments, the world over have the responsibility of improving upon the lot of the governed and we in the current government are in the firm belief that the surest way to ensure an all round` improvement in the lives of the people we govern is to make quality education available to every Ghanaian, especially children. It is our conviction that obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving peoples’ lives and sustainable development. This is the reason why we are completely committed to the Sustainable Development Goals especially Goal 4 which essentially concerns “Ensuring Inclusive and Quality Education for all and promoting lifelong Learning”

Our policies on education such as the provision of free Senior High School Education and the restoration of Teacher Trainee Allowances, attest to our commitment to providing quality education to the citizenry. We can only achieve that much by placing the teacher and his/her conditions of work at the centre of education.

Much as we are determined to make a mark in our educational agenda, we are not oblivious of the roles of other stakeholders in the industry, especially that of Teacher Unions. We are equally aware that when the call in made for Teacher Unions to rise up to be counted, NAGRAT is a force to reckon with.

It is true that we have the will to move education a notch higher but the Teacher has the know-how that cannot be ignored. Therefore if Ghanaians are to enjoy the optimum benefits of education, a symbiotic relationship between Government and the Teacher Unions is sine qua none. It is in this regard that I look forward to closer co-operation and collaboration between government and the Teacher Unions.

Mr. Chairman, I will do myself and this gathering a great disservice if I fail to commend NAGRAT for putting up this magnificent edifice that we are commissioning. The building speaks for itself and of the NAGRAT crave for excellence. Clothed in robes of glory and majesty, it requires no special appreciative skills to tell that so much effort, costs and sacrifices went into it. It is my expectation that the structure will greatly enhance output for your members and mother Ghana. Use it to the fullest and let posterity rise to say that but for NAGRAT, we could not have progressed this far.

Thank you for your invitation. My doors are open to you at all times. Let us harness our talents for the betterment of our nation, through frequent interactions, collaboration and co-operation.

Thank you.

April 19, 2017

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